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Manual Toothbrushes versus Electric Toothbrush
With a manual toothbrush, you have more control over how hard and fast to brush your teeth. This can mean a more comfortable experience if you have sensitive areas of your teeth and mouth or if you don’t like the vibrations of an electric toothbrush ... read more.

9 Tips To Prevent Cavities
A white spot appearing on the teeth enamel is a sign of the early stages of a cavity . At this stage, tooth decay, can be stopped or reversed. If the treatment of tooth decay does not occur, the enamel may be damaged and form a cavity ... read more.

Causes and treatments of TMJ Disorder
The causes of TMJ syndrome are not completely understood. Multiple factors contribute to the muscle tightness and dysfunction that characterize this condition. It is not clear whether some of these causes directly lead to TMJ syndrome or if they are a result of the disorder. Causes of TMJ may include ... read more.

Drugs Used in Oral Sedation Dentistry
Your dentist has a number of drug options to choose from if you require oral sedation for your appointment. These drugs include ... read more.

Questions to Ask Your Dentist
There are several questions you should be asking your Calgary dentist before and after dental visits. They include ... read more.

Where Do You Rate on the Dental Anxiety Scale?
Does just the thought of a visit to your Calgary dentist’s office make you anxious? Are you restless or fidgety, especially when you’re uncomfortable? Were you scared of the dentist when you were younger, and has that fear carried over into adulthood?... read more.

How to prepare for your Initial consultation with the Dentist to discuss the benefits of Oral or IV sedation
We will gather information regarding your health, and discuss your needs. If you are comfortable, we will take x-rays and discuss your dental needs. It is critical that you provide our dental team with an updated health history including ... read more.

Guard Your Child’s Smile
Your child loves playing hockey, football, soccer or baseball. You make sure he/she is wearing the proper equipment to stay safe, whether it’s knee pads or a helmet. But what about that gorgeous smile? Your child needs a properly fitted mouthguard to protect his/her teeth and jaw during sports play, and this even includes things like gymnastics and figure skating… read more.

Is Sedation Dentistry Safe for Children?
When it comes to prescribing sedatives for children, most parents are understandably a little bit cautious. However, when properly administered for dental surgery in Calgary, not only are sedatives completely safe even for children, they often make dental operations safer ... read more.

Is Sedation Dentistry Right for You?
Sedation dentistry can help patients feel much more relaxed during dental work. Many people fear dental procedures. They worry about the discomfort and pain they might feel during the procedure. Some people have high general anxiety, which is heightened further when they are in a dental chair. Some people have a fear of sitting in the dentist’s chair, whether it’s for an important dental procedure or just a teeth cleaning ... read more.

The Importance in Flossing
This morning routine might look familiar: toothpaste? Check. Toothbrush? Check. Floss? Out of time today, maybe tomorrow! If this happens morning after busy morning, you are not alone ... read more.

7 Sedation Dentistry Myths
Some forms of sedation dentistry, such as nitrous oxide, have helped better patients’ experiences in their dentists’ chairs since the 1800s. But some patients avoid talking to their dentist about sedation due to one of these 7 misconceptions…read more.

Unhealthy Habits: Beating Bruxism
Everyone deals with stress differently, whether that’s through doing yoga or watching some favourite TV shows. However, our bodies also manifest stress in several different ways, and some of these can be harmful when not controlled…read more.

The Great Debate: Dentures or Dental Implants
As we get older, our teeth become less and less reliable. It seems no matter how often you floss, brush, and rinse, your teeth are determined to decay. If you’ve already lost one or more teeth to age or even trauma-related causes, your dentist might have talked to you about dental implants or dentures…read more.

Overcoming Dental Anxiety
You go to the dentist because you want your mouth to stay healthy. However, this simple experience can fill you with dread or even panic if you have dental anxiety or dental phobia. You've realized that you shouldn't feel this fear, but you don't know how to shake it. So you attend your dental appointments, your heart pounding as you count the seconds until your escape…read more.

Make Your Child Love the Dentist
Bedtime routines with your children, like brushing teeth, can sometimes be like pulling teeth. But you know that dental hygiene is a priority, so you make it work. However, one oral health aspect many parents struggle with is the dental office visit. You need a way to make them feel more comfortable, but how?…read more.

Just How Often Should You See Your Dentist?
You already know that you should make regular dental checkups a habit, but how often do you need to see your dentist to maintain flawless dental hygiene? You already have a very busy schedule, and you think you can get by with brushing and flossing devotedly. Do you really need to see your dentist that often?…read more.

Reducing Teeth Sensitivity
Sensitive teeth can make everyday tasks like drinking coffee, tea, and water a trial. But don’t give up on your favourite hot and cold drinks or foods just yet…read more.

Causes of and Treatments for Bad Breath
Bad breath, also called halitosis, is more common than many people know. Learn more about 8 of the most common causes of bad breath and get advice on how to keep a fresh breath all day long…read more.

How to Determine Whether You Need Orthodontic Care
Some people think orthodontic care is too time-consuming and too expensive to seriously consider. However, investing a little time and a little money in your smile can produce big results quicker than you think!…read more.

What’s Your Mouth Telling You about Celiac Disease?
One in 133 Canadians has Celiac disease, but many people remain undiagnosed. Some of the most visible symptoms of Celiac disease can appear in your mouth. Read our latest blog entry to learn what your mouth may be telling you about Celiac disease…read more.

Answers to Your Questions About Teeth Whitening
When you smile, you want to do so with confidence. Attaining this confidence may come from a variety of things, including restorative dental care or dental implants. Depending on your current situation, the types of dental treatments you require can vary from extreme to simple… read more.

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