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Our patient-centred dental practice makes going to the dentist easy for the entire family. We offer a wide variety of services to ensure that your experience with dental care is one that is comfortable, educational, & friendly. Redesign your smile with the clinic generations of families in Calgary have trusted to take care of their teeth

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General Dentistry Calgary

We offer expert diagnosis and treatment required designed to keep your family on the path to a lifetime of optimal oral health.

General Dentistry Calgary

Orthodontic Dentistry Calgary

Your teeth can move and the alignment of your teeth can change. That’s why we offer orthodontic care to help correct the alignment of your teeth, regardless of your age.

Orthodontic Dentistry Calgary

Cosmetic Dentistry Calgary

Your smile is a powerful asset in your personal and your professional life. Cosmetic dentistry allows you to achieve a bright smile that helps you feel confident in your appearance.

Cosmetic Dentistry Calgary

sedation dentistry Calgary

We provide the option of sedation or sleep dentistry because our goal is to deliver the care you need in a relaxed environment.

Sedation Dentistry Calgary

About Woodcreek Dental Care

We are committed to providing our patients with knowledge, resources, and compassionate care, so you have access to the optimal oral health you deserve.

Woodcreek Dental Care

SW Calgary Dentist – Dental Clinic Calgary


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At Woodcreek Dental Care in Woodbine, SW Calgary, we understand that you are searching for excellent oral health and a beautiful smile. Our goal is to make it easy for you to enjoy the benefits and advantages of great dental care in the warm and pleasant environment of our Calgary dental clinic.


General Dentistry SW Calgary

At Woodcreek Dental Care in Calgary, we provide a variety of general dentistry services for our patients. You should be visiting your dentist at least twice a year for an oral exam and professional teeth cleaning. Regular visits with your dentist ensure any problems are detected and treated before more damage can incur. During an oral exam at Woodcreek Dental Care, Dr. Hartley and his staff will check for any signs of tooth decay, gum inflammations, bone loss, and signs of oral cancer. It is important to detect any of these dental issues as early as possible. During a dental cleaning procedure, we remove any plaque buildup in your teeth and polish your teeth to remove stains to create a smoother surface that makes it harder for plaque to stick to. We provide a fluoride treatment at the end of your professional dental cleaning service. We also offer sedation dentistry services for those who deal with dental anxiety. Regular visits to your dentist also give you an opportunity to ask any questions about your dental health.

Our general dentistry services include:

  • Dental Fillings
  • Root Canals
  • Orthodontic Treatment
  • Periodontal Care
  • General Oral Surgery
  • TMJ Disorders
  • Custom Mouthguards

Cosmetic Dentistry SW Calgary

At Woodcreek Dental Care our cosmetic dentistry services help our patients achieve a brighter smile. Before doing any teeth whitening procedure you should always have a dental exam and cleaning beforehand. This helps assess the stains and determine which procedure will be best for you. It is important that any cavities, gum problems, and sensitive teeth are addressed before any teeth whitening procedure. Addressing any of these issues beforehand helps create a smoother surface for more effective treatment.

Our cosmetic dentistry services include:

  • Teeth Whitening
  • Veneers
  • Crown & Bridges
  • Botox

Dental Implants SW Calgary

If you are dealing with missing teeth, then it may be time to consider getting dental implants. Dr. Hartley and his team at Woodcreek Dental Care can provide dental implants that look and feel like natural teeth. Dental implants work like the rest of your natural teeth and are more natural and better for chewing than removable alternatives. Reasons, why one could be dealing with missing teeth, can include advanced gum disease, tooth decay, trauma or injury, and failed root canal procedures are the most common reasons why people deal with missing teeth. If you are dealing with missing teeth, then contact Woodcreek Dental Care today.

Sedation Dentistry SW Calgary

Woodcreek Dental Care understands that some patients deal with dental anxiety and that is why we provide sedation options for our patients. Sedation dentistry helps those who deal with anxiety about pain, needles, or any type of dental work. We offer our patients different types of sedation options and work to find the best option for your needs. We want your experience at our dental office to be a pleasant one.

Our sedation dentistry services include:

  • Oral Sedation
  • IV Sedation
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We are committed to providing value & education to our patients.

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We promise to put our patients first & focus on their needs.

What people say about us

We love creating relationships built with trust & kindness, and are happy to provide our patients with the care they deserve.

Many of Woodcreek Dental Care’s patients have been coming to our practice from childhood. We are happy to have seen so many Calgary families grow up in our office – and happy to know that they continue to trust us with their smiles and recommend us to their friends.

Recommended for Anyone Uncomfortable with a Dentist Visit

I am not a person that will visit a dentist unless I have to. In my case I did. I want to say that I was not belittled or made to feel uncomfortable for my choices in regards to dental work. They were very pleasant and willing to look at all options in my dental care. All options were clearly explained along with the pros and cons of each along with the cost benefits for each. I would highly recommend this practice for anyone who is extremely uncomfortable with a dentist.

I went with the IV sedation and was extremely happy with the work that was provided; I am writing this the day after my procedure – which was extensive. I have no pain and I can tell that great care was taken even though I was completely sedated during the procedure. Two Thumbs Up!!

– Rene F.

Experienced Dentist, Awesome Staff

I was referred by another client who said I would love this place. Okay, for as much as anybody could love a dental visit. I feel confident that I have made the correct move. I had a crown that just never looked right and caused my gums to bleed in that area. This did not rest easily with Dr. Hartley. So, based on his experience he tried to correct the problem and was successful … Michale and Brenda are awesome to deal with and so are the others who have been involved in my dental care. Thank you.

– Nora W.

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If you have a question that will help you understand more about your visit to Woodcreek or aid in your understanding about dentistry in general please visit our FAQ page. If you do not see an answer to your question please feel free to send it to us!

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