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Do you feel that your uneven teeth or a “not-so-appealing” smile profile is going to give you a really tough time when you’ll go auditioning for a popular model hunt? If yes, then you shouldn’t waste much time and immediately visit a dental clinic to reconstruct your smile. What? Are you amazed to know that your smile can be reconstructed? Well, there’s nothing to be shocked or amazed because with the advancement in dentistry, now, you can reconstruct your smile by filling teeth that are chipped or broken, recontour the proportions of your teeth, and even brighten them a few shades whiter. Sounds interesting, right? But yes, don’t visit any random dental clinic for this purpose. Only visit the one that excels at providing oral cosmetic treatments.

In case you are unaware of any dental care centre that has a well-trained and experienced team of cosmetic dentist sw in Calgary, then you can always take referrals from your close ones, be it a friend, relative or even a colleague. And, if they cannot suggest you one, then the internet is always there to your rescue. Hence, finding a dental clinic for reconstructing your smile is not going to be a tough or challenging task.

But, before you choose any cosmetic dentist sw in Calgary, here are a couple of questions that you need to ask him/her. Please take a look.

How many years of experience do you have in this field?

Before you choose a cosmetic dentist, it is absolutely vital for you to know about his/her experience. Why? Of course, because it’s the experience that’ll reflect whether the dentist is good at performing oral cosmetic treatments or not. And yes, do not believe in their word of mouth. If possible, ask them to show documents or certificates that prove their years of experience.

Additional tips

Try to visit a doctor who has at least 30-34+ years of experience in this field.

Can you show me the portfolio of your previous work?

Knowing the experience of the dentist is definitely going to give you the confidence to choose him/her. But, there’s another thing that you can do to give your confidence a boost, and that is by checking their previous work. Yes, that’s right! So, ask the dentist to show a portfolio of his previous work.
Or else, check the ‘Smile Gallery’ on the website of the dental clinic for which he/she has been working for years. Trust me, once you get a glimpse of their previous work, your confidence is surely going to get a boost.

How many days will the procedure take?

Whether you are fitting a bridge or crown, whitening the teeth, or filling teeth that are chipped and broken, one thing that you need to ask the cosmetic dentist is that how many days will it take him to perform any of these above-mentioned treatments.

Know More

All the aforementioned treatments are different from one another. Hence, your sitting with the doctor would differ accordingly. For instance, to crown your teeth, you generally need to book two appointments as it cannot be done in one single day. Whereas, broken or cracked teeth can be easily filled within one day.

Are you associated with any popular dental association?

Last, but certainly not the least, ask the dentist whether he or she is associated with any other dental associations or not. If his/her answer is yes, then don’t give any second thought about choose him/her over others. But, if the answer is no, then refrain from choosing that particular cosmetic dentist and find someone who is associated with a couple of dental associations in your city or country.

If you want to get an appointment with a dentist who is associated with popular dental associations such as Alberta and the Canadian Dental Association, visit Woodcreek Dental Care.

So, these were a few questions that you must ask your cosmetic dentist before appointing him/her for reconstructing your smile. For more details on oral care and hygiene, keep following my blogs.


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