Is Sedation Dentistry Safe for Children?

Posted: Mar 26, 2020 in

When it comes to prescribing sedatives for children, most parents are understandably a little bit cautious. However, when properly administered for dental surgery in Calgary, not only are sedatives completely safe even for children, they often make dental operations safer.

At Woodcreek Dental Care our team of professionals is experienced with sedation dentistry in Calgary for adults and children, and we want to help you understand the benefits of sedation dentistry if your child needs an operation. Here are some of the reasons why sedation dentistry is not only safe for children, but also often the best choice.

Anxiety Relief

A trip to the dentist can be a little bit nerve-racking even for adults, so imagine how your child must feel. The proper use of sedatives will help manage your son or daughter’s anxiety so that they can relax and your dentist can complete the operation as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Minimizes Sudden Movements

For complex dental surgeries in Calgary that can take an hour or more, it’s often difficult for a child to stay still and calm for the duration of the procedure. Thanks to sedation dentistry, your child will be calm and cooperative so that your Calgary dentist can perform the needed operation without interference or risk of injury.

In this case, sedation dentistry is particularly useful for young children and childrens with special needs. Think about how long your young child is able to sit still before causing a fuss. With proper sedation, your child will be fully alert but relaxed enough to stay still for the duration of a complex procedure.

Easy to Administer

There aren’t very many kids who enjoy needles, but with oral sedation, it makes having a needle almost painless. Your child can be given a simple, easy-to-swallow pill to relieve their anxieties and keep them calm during their procedure. There are many options and our team of sedation dentistry experts in Calgary can help you choose the right one depending on the type of procedure your child will be having, their allergies and medical conditions, and whether or not they are currently taking any medication.

Dr. Hartley and the professional staff at the Woodcreek Dental Care dental clinic in Calgary are experts at sedation dentistry. If your child needs dental surgery in Calgary, they will consult with you and your son or daughter before their operation to help you determine whether or not sedatives are necessary and what type of sedative is most appropriate. Contact us when you are ready for a consultation, we’re happy to answer all of your questions.