How does teeth whitening work?

Most teeth whitening procedures begin with a gel which, as it breaks down, forces oxygen into the tooth enamel, breaking up the deposits which cause the stain without causing damage to the enamel. Some whitening techniques are better than others for removing deep and stubborn discolouration (such as those caused by excess fluoride).

It is best to have a dental exam and cleaning by our Calgary dental office prior to any whitening procedure to assess the stains and determine which procedure would work best, make sure that cavities, gum problems and sensitive teeth are addressed before treatment, create a smoother surface for more effective whitening treatment

What is ZOOM! Whitening?

As the name implies, ZOOM! Whitening is a very effective treatment for whitening teeth. During the procedure, we cover the lips and gums to protect them and prevent irritation, Apply the patented ZOOM! hydrogen peroxide/carbamide peroxide gel, Activate the break-up of stains and discolouration with a special light.

All you have to do is sit back and relax in the chair – and be ready to see a dramatic difference! You can enhance and maintain your new smile with some supplemental trays, customized for you to use at home.

Woodcreek Dental Care in Calgary is happy to offer you ZOOM! Whitening at a special rate of $399, saving you $100. Call us for more details at 403-238-2872.

Are there alternatives to ZOOM! Whitening?

Yes, but many of them aren’t as effective as ZOOM! Whitening. At Woodcreek Dental Care, we have found ZOOM! Whitening the most cost-effective way of whitening teeth. There are other treatments available but we have not found them to be as effective. Please discuss your concerns with our Calgary dentist Dr. Hartley to determine the best option for you.

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Do at-home teeth whitening kits work?

Home treatments make use of a weak peroxide gel which takes longer to whiten your teeth than the formulations used in the dentist’s office. Also, because the trays are not properly moulded to your teeth, the gel can come in contact with the tissues around the teeth, causing irritation and tooth sensitivity. The results of at-home teeth whitening do not last as long as professional whitening at the dentist’s office.

Can chemical teeth whitening remove all stains?

We cannot predict how much lighter your teeth will become and some stains can be particularly difficult to remove. In such cases, we recommend porcelain veneers, which are a lasting solution to the problem of stained, discoloured teeth.

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