Symptoms of TMJ (TMD)

Many TMJ Disorder sufferers are surprised to learn that the following symptoms may also be caused by TMJ:

  • Headaches
  • Shoulder and neck pain
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Earaches unrelated to infections

If you do experience these symptoms, be sure to discuss them with your family doctor or dentist in Calgary.

What causes TMJ Disorder?

  • Bruxism (grinding your teeth at night or when stressed)
  • Poor posture (slouching forward tends to make the lower jaw move forward)
  • Trauma or injury (especially due to head or neck trauma from motor vehicle accidents)
  • Arthritis (which may cause the cartilage that cushions the joint to slip or deteriorate)
  • Improper bite (mal-alignment of teeth)

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Can TMJ be treated?

At Woodcreek Dental Care, we choose from a variety of therapies for any TMJ disorder in Calgary, depending on its causes and severity. Mouthguards can be fitted to prevent damage from teeth grinding. If your TMJ is caused by malocclusion, we also offer orthodontic treatment to adjust and balance your bite.

Botox Therapeutic

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Botox® Therapeutic is highly effective in relaxing muscles that are responsible for headache pain and grinding (bruxism). If you experience headaches, sore jaw joints or other painful symptoms, we can help make a real difference in the quality of your daily life. You can also enjoy more reasons to smile, when you feel the difference TMJ/Bruxism treatment can make. We are proud to offer Botox in Calgary.

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