We suggest that you discuss your concerns with Dr. Hartley, our oral sedation dentist in Calgary. During this conversation, we can decide whether sedation is necessary and, if it is, what level of sedation is required to keep you comfortable. We will also discuss your medical history, any medications you are currently taking and previous allergies or adverse reactions so that we choose the appropriate sedative for you.

Oral sedation is a useful and effective alternative for nervous patients and all procedures. While you are comfortable, the dental team can perform necessary procedures during your appointment.

Here are some answers to the questions we are most frequently asked about oral sedation:

What does an oral sedative do?

The medication helps reduce your anxiety during your dental appointment. You will generally feel more calm and relaxed and less aware of pain. You will still be conscious and responsive to questions.

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Is oral sedation safe?

Dentists prescribe oral sedatives from the benzodiazepine family that have been trusted by medical professionals for decades. At Woodcreek Dental Care in Calgary, you can also be confident that you are being treated by a team that has been trained and licensed in sedation dentistry.

Can you drive to and from your dental appointment?

You should not drive while on oral sedation. You should plan on having a companion drive you to and from your appointment and on spending the rest of the day at home.

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We love creating relationships built trust & kindness, and are happy to provide our patients with the care they deserve.

Many of Woodcreek Dental Care’s patients have been coming to our practice from childhood. We are happy to have seen so many Calgary families grow up in our office – and happy to know that they continue to trust us with their smiles and recommend us to their friends.

Patient Testimonials

Recommended for Anyone Uncomfortable with a Dentist Visit

Recommended for Anyone Uncomfortable with a Dentist Visit
I am not a person that will visit a dentist unless I have to. In my case I did. I want to say that I was not belittled or made to feel uncomfortable for my choices in regards to dental work. They were very pleasant and willing to look at all options in my dental care. All options were clearly explained along with the pros and cons of each along with the cost benefits for each. I would highly recommend this practice for anyone who is extremely uncomfortable with a dentist.

I went with the IV sedation and was extremely happy with the work that was provided; I am writing this the day after my procedure – which was extensive. I have no pain and I can tell that great care was taken even though I was completely sedated during the procedure. Two Thumbs Up!!

– Rene F.

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My experience at Woodcreek Dental Care was a great one. The staff there are super friendly and kind. They’re also very helpful when it comes to any questions or concerns you may have. Would highly recommend to anyone who struggles with dental anxiety. I’ll definitely be returning there for any of my future dental treatments!

– Tyson M