Top 5 Queries You Might Have about Dental Implants

Posted: Jan 9, 2020 in

Summary: If you are interested in dental Implants, here are a few queries answered for you.

Are you worried about a tooth missing or are you sick and tired of dentures and bridges? Dental Implants may be the solution for you. What an implant does is replace your missing tooth and acts like a permanent tooth in your mouth. An implant lasts a long time if you handle it with good care and oral hygiene. This is what has made the dental implants a successful and reliable process for 40 years now. Unlike a bridge where adjacent healthy teeth must be grounded down so that the bridge can be placed on them, an implant does not have any such requirement.

An implant can make your set of teeth complete, making the chewing easier and they also preserve the bone, securing the teeth alignment by preventing their shifting or chance of movement. There are several places from where you can get your dental implants. However, make sure you choose the one which hires skilled dentists who can pull off this job with much precision and expertise. So, if this is your first time getting the implant, your mind is bound to be filled with several queries about these.
Here, we have put together a list of queries that you might have about dental implants. Take a look.

Are dental implants any different from the other kinds of tooth replacements?

The primary way in which dental implants differ from dental bridges and dentures is the replacement of the tooth root. The titanium root lies deeply embedded in the bone beneath the gums, and once the healing of the gums is complete, a dental crown is kept on the top to restore the visible part of the missing tooth. Dental implants can form a long-lasting and stable foundation for eating, chewing, smiling, and laughing because these are integrated into the bone of your jaw.

Do I need dental implants?

Surely, this kind of implant dentistry is not for everybody. So, you have to place yourself in capable hands who can determine which tooth replacement option is right for you. The two major factors that are usually reviewed by dentists for deciding this is the density of the bone beneath your teeth and other health factors. Look for a doctor who is dedicated to finding solutions that prove to be the best for each and every patient.

How long will the process be for?

This whole process of dental implants can take a number of months. About 3 to 4 months of integration between the bone and the implant is needed after the implant has been placed. When the stable bond will be formed, the permanent restoration of dental crown or bridge has to be placed on the dental implant. And while the implant fuses to the bone, the patient wears a temporary restoration.

Are these implants long-lasting?

Dental Implants are generally durable. They can last for decades and even a lifetime unless any problem arises. Brushing twice a day, flossing, going for routine checkups, and following other such ways of dental hygiene can be the right option to prevent further problems causing tooth loss or a dental implant failure.

How much does one need to pay for the dental implants?

Usually, during the consultation appointment, the medical center’s office team informs you about an estimated cost of the procedure your dentist is considering. And any reputable source maintains absolute transparency with regard to the best payment methods and financial options so that you can arrange for the treatment as soon as possible.

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